Heatpump Estimation Calculation

Complete our heatpump estimation calculator to get an estimate for the installation of your heatpump. At D&M Heatpumps, we have extensive experience providing all heatpump services, including installations. This includes designing the right heatpump solution for your room or property. Get your installation estimate today.

Estimation Calculation

The following calculation shall show you what size unit will be needed to cool/heat the room of your choice.

The Kw rating is the unit in which we know what size heat pump is needed.

Go Ahead and give it a try with your own home and then give us a call for a free quote.

Width x Length X Height = Meters cube

Meters cube is then x by 50 (Fully insulated home)
or  55 (partially insulated home)
or  60 (uninsulated home)

Eg: 5m x 5m x2.5m = 62.5
62.5 x 55 = 3.437 Kw (This number is the Kw rating)

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